The Southern Region’s Real Diesel Pioneers

The words ‘Southern Region diesel locomotive’ are, in some circles, all too quickly abbreviated to BRC&W ‘Crompton’. However, this is to simplify matters greatly and ignores a fascinating chapter in railway history. Whilst it is true that the BRC&W Type 3 (Class 33) was created as a bespoke diesel design for the SR, it is … Read more

Class 24: The Modelling Raison D’être

During Class 24s’ ‘Indian Summer’ on the DMU replacement turn a year later in 1978, No. 24023 spits out a black exhaust as it clatters away from Shotton Low Level with 13.30 Manchester Victoria–Llandudno on July 11th. This machine was one of only six of the type still active at the time and was only to last another two months in traffic. Picture: David Rapson

I outline the reason for the choice of the Class 24 diesel locomotive as Sutton’s Locomotive Workshop’s first project in the introductory letter that accompanies each model that is sold. In essence, the ‘Baby Sulzer’ ticked all the boxes in being geographically widespread as well as playing a vital role in the dieselisation of British … Read more

Sutton’s Locomotive Workshop ‘On the Road’

Jamie Mathlin likes to photograph locomotives on his Oakley Green OO gauge layout before enhancing the resulting images and then distributing them by social media. Looking very down at heel, this is his SLW 24081, which was professionally weathered by Matthew Dawson.

Doesn’t time fly when you are enjoying yourself? I find it hard to believe that five months have elapsed since our Sulzer Type 2 model was launched at last year’s successful and enjoyable customer event in Tarporley, Cheshire. In the intervening time, there has hardly been time to draw breath and we have been truly … Read more