Key Features

This model locomotive introduces a number of firsts for both the UK and world markets.


Being designed to enhance and maximise the DCC sound experience from the very start, the Class 24 introduces a completely new internal structure using cutting-edge smartphone speaker technology. To boost audio output, two miniature speakers are housed in a pair of custom-designed resonator enclosures. With their state-of-the-art silicone membrane, these speakers provide ultra-high excursion rates that offer extended low frequencies and superior bass performance.


DCC motor control comes in the form of a premium, custom-made, ZIMO sound decoder incorporating the latest European standard connector. The NEM658 Plux22 interface allows the maximum number of functions to be made available to the user. In addition, the MX645P22e (enhanced) sound decoder’s on-board stay-alive and smart-stop circuitry are fully supported with energy storage capacitors integrated into the main PCB, as standard, to help eliminate lighting flicker and sound interruptions. This can be further supplemented by the fitting of the (optional extra) super-capacitor upgrade that will provide truly stunning running characteristics over less than perfect trackwork.


Hardware is only one half of the story. Months of intensive work has gone into producing, editing and testing a sound project that faithfully recreates all the distinctive nuances that combine to make up the characteristic Sulzer heartbeat. High-fidelity recordings were made using broadcast-quality equipment, mounted directly on an actual working Class 24. Not only that, but we went back to the classroom to fully understand how the engine and exhaust sounds actually respond to the driver’s control inputs. We built the sound architecture around this understanding, refusing to make assumptions or ‘easy route’ compromises. You’ll be astonished with the sounds ‘out of the box’ but there are numerous manual over-rides for added play value. For those without DCC, a sound-equipped model will still play engine sounds on DC analogue control.


You wouldn’t expect a real train to stop without applying the brake, so why would you want your model locomotive to operate any differently? By working behind the scenes with our DCC software engineers, we have devised and refined a revolutionary new driving experience which puts YOU right in the driver’s seat, not at the end of a command station handset. In a similar way to how a train driver would apply the brakes to ‘trim’ the speed, or bring his train to a halt, we now have a fully dynamic braking button that, when set to momentary action, provides prototypical braking. The longer the brake is held ‘on’, the greater the braking force applied. Quite simply, it has to be seen and used to be believed!


Finescale modelling doesn’t just extend to the level of detail. Many of you want to run your models on more accurately dimensioned trackwork and have adopted EM (18.2mm) or P4 (18.83mm) gauges and standards. To make this a quick and simple exercise, the Class 24 is the first ever model to be offered in ready-to-run form with a choice of alternative ‘EM’ or ‘P4’ factory–fitted wheelsets. You can have your locomotive running immediately on your finescale layout, straight out of the box! You can forget the six-month wait for a specialist replacement wheelset conversion pack.